Senior Academy Luncheon, “The Powerful Gift of Listening,” Douglas Edwards, January 19, 12:30 p.m., Fellowship Hall (north)

Every third Saturday of the month we provide a special meal and fellowship time for members in the “third half of life,” as well as seeking to address questions you as seniors my have. We welcome any suggestions for topics or presenters.

Douglas Edwards returns to lead the afternoon Academy on: “The Powerful Gift of Listening”.  The Academy will provide directions and practices that you can use to bless other peoples’ lives and deepen your own.

Rev. Edwards, a Presbyterian minister, psychotherapist, and educator is no stranger to our community.  Working closely with Pastors Todd and Leif, he helped organize the Seniors Academy, which is now in its second year.  This venue is held every other month for the purpose of exploring the rich life of being an elder in the 21st century.  The Academy addresses the opportunities, values, and challenges of aging well as an elder of God.

After the worship service, come for lunch, and stay for Seniors Academy to discover how aging well is an essential part of our faith and call in Christ Jesus.