Pledge: The Giving Plan at Glendale City Church

Pledge your financial support to the church you love!
Glendale City Church’s fiscal year begins each October. In August, the Finance Committee asks each of us as members to take some time to consider how we will financially support our congregation in the upcoming year.  This helps them determine how to fund each of our ministries.  Our budget model asks each member to consider what they will give in three specific categories:
1) Tithe.  Tithe supports our two full-time pastors as well as Adventist ministry throughout Los Angeles
2) City Church Budget.  Giving here supports the staff, ministries, outreach, maintenance, and utilities of our congregation
3) The Plus+.  Each member is invited to invest in the one or two ministries that matter most to them.  
Click here to look at 2018 Pledge+ brochure, print it out and write out your pledge.  You can email it to our treasurer; turn it in during offering collection; or mail it to Glendale City Church, 610 E California Ave, Glendale CA  91206, Attn: Treasurer.
Thank you for your dedicated generosity!