Transparency Is Our Thank-You for Your Generosity

Glendale City Church continues to thrive because of your generous and sacrificial support. Look at what we contributed together in 2017:

Tithe: $419,794

City Church Budget: $545,933

Total: $965,787

During the month of August, our church leadership will share insights each Saturday on how our congregation invested your gifts in our ministry. It is important to our Finance Committee, Church Board and Pastoral Staff that we honor your generous giving with transparent communication on how your gifts are used in ministry. We want you to have confidence that what you donate is used carefully and faithfully. Thank you for taking some time to get acquainted with the Pledge+ Giving Plan and what is required to continue and expand our ministries.

The Pledge+ Giving Plan

Pledge+ asks each person to determine what they will give to three specific funds:

TITHE represents your commitment to supporting the pastors and administrators of Adventist churches in the greater Los Angeles area. As long as Glendale City Church’s tithe total remains close to $ 500,000 in annual giving, we will continue to be staffed by two full-time pastors employed by the Southern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of tithe and how it is used to fund Adventist ministry, any of our pastors will be happy to take some time to talk with you about it.

CITY CHURCH BUDGET represents your giving to support everything else that is part of Glendale City Church: our part-time, church-hired staff and contractors, music ministries, children’s and youth ministries, utilities, office equipment and supplies, and facility maintenance. Every dollar you give to City Church Budget stays at Glendale City Church.

YOUR PLUS is the specific ministry or fund that is especially meaningful to you or you want to make sure continues to do its important work. Directing part of your contribution to high school ministry, web and print communications, choral ministry or any of the other items sends a message to our Finance Committee that this ministry matters. 100% of your PLUS donation stays at Glendale City Church.

It is important to our leadership to know how to budget for the upcoming year. Each August, we kindly request that each person who calls Glendale City Church home share what you will plan to give for the remainder of 2018 and during 2019. Your communication will only be seen by our treasurer, who will compile the pledged totals to share with our Finance Committee so they can make informed decisions on setting our annual budget at their September meeting. A Pledge+ form will be available each week that you can enclose in a giving envelope to turn in during offering collection at morning worship. You can also mail it to the church or email your pledge directly to Dean Vendouris, our treasurer: Thank you for thoughtfully considering your financial commitment and communicating it to us by August 25.

Our Ministry Investments

Below we have listed our primary monthly ministry expenses and what we expect we will need to receive each month next year to continue with what we accomplished this year. On page 14, there is information on an additional Pledge+ item that will be a special focus for our congregation through the end of 2019. Thank you for taking some time to look through this list and considering which item you want to make your PLUS.