Get to know Glendale City Church

The Glendale City Church welcomes people of all backgrounds into our church community. We do not discriminate based on gender, race, culture, wealth, education, religious background or sexual orientation.

If you are learning to love God and others, you belong here. God excludes no one. Neither do we.


Our congregation has two different worship gatherings designed to connect people to God, each other and great spiritual truths both old and new. In our English and Spanish gatherings, we emphasize the ongoing work of God in the world. This focus: invites us to challenge our personal belief systems; grows us in our capacity to show compassion and grace to others; and calls us to actively join God in the work of ending suffering, breaking down walls of division and working with our community to bring peace and healing to all people.

View our Worship Options page for more information.

Get connected

While having people attend one of our worships is wonderful, we want Glendale City Church to be more than just the place you visit on Saturday. We want this to be Your Church. The best way to connect is to join one of the weekly groups that meets on our campus.  Visit our Personal Growth Marketplace page to find a group to check out. If you have kids, connect with other families before, during, or after City Kids or Open Door Youth Worship. Another great way to meet people is by getting involved in one of our ministries. Joining our greeter team, helping the deacons take care of odds and ends around campus, working with our homeless ministries team and assisting our children’s staff are great ways to make new friends.

Our pastoral staff is also excited to meet you over lunch or coffee to get better acquainted and help you find your place at Glendale City Church. Contact them today!


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Common Questions

Glendale City Church has its worship gatherings and most events on Saturday.

Morning Worship – 11:00 am

Morning Worship takes place in three languages–Armenian, English and Romanian and lasts for about one hour and 15 minutes. Each worship takes place in a different space on campus.

View our Worship Options page for more information.

We LOVE kids of all ages and their families!  Each Saturday, Glendale City Church provides great experiences for children and teens.  Check out what we offer for children from birth to 6th grade on our City Kids page and learn about Open Door Youth Ministry by visiting our High School Gatherings page.

We livestream our English Morning Worship on our YouTube channel and post the recording there and on our website. Audio podcasts of the sermon are uploaded as well.

For morning worship (English, Armenian, and Romanian), most people wear business attire. There is no dress code. Wear what’s comfortable for you

Plenty of church parking is available in the lower level of the Glendale Fashion Center. Garage entrances are on Glendale Ave. and Wilson Ave. Special needs parking is available just south of the chapel on Isabel St.

For more details, visit our Location page.

Glendale City Church is a Christian church that is part of the global Seventh-day Adventist denomination. We hold many beliefs in common with other Christian churches. The church name highlights two beliefs that have been historically important to our denomination: the keeping of Saturday, the seventh day of the week, as a day of rest, also known as Sabbath; and the conviction that the Christian belief in a future heaven is something that is coming quickly, and will, ultimately, be on earth. Just as we believe Jesus changed the world with his first coming, or advent, over 2000 years ago, we believe Jesus has another advent in store that will bring an end to evil and suffering and usher in the beginning of a new world full of love and peace.

To learn more about Seventh-day Adventists, visit this website

Absolutely! People from all sorts of backgrounds–Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Agnostic, and more–call Glendale City Church home. If you’re asking questions about God and want to become a person who is growing in love, compassion, and grace towards others, we’ve got things to learn from you and hope you can learn things from us.

We depend upon your generosity and that of others to continue doing what we do. As such, please review our Donate page for more information on how we accept donations.

Another great way to help the church is by getting involved in one of our ministries, such as joining our greeter team, helping the deacons take care of odds and ends around campus, or assisting our children’s staff.

Visit our Contact page and talk to one of our staff members.