Mission Statement

Our mission is to reveal the love of Christ in all its tenderness and grandeur to the community in which we live. We desire to embrace the wonder of humanity in its complexity, diversity, and beauty—and to do so without precondition. In short, we yearn to reveal the splendor of Christ and to affirm the worth of all people.

Our Logo


The church logo shows four human figures of different colors coming together to form a cross. This represents our belief that robust spirituality develops when a broad diversity of people come together in community.

Our logo’s tagline is: Finding God at the Intersection of Our Lives

Statement of Inclusion

Glendale City Church welcomes people of all backgrounds to fully participate in our church community. We do not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, race, culture, wealth, education, or religious background. If you are learning to love God and others, you belong here. God excludes no one. Neither do we.


Glendale City is a Christian church affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist denomination (www.adventist.org) Our congregation was one of the first Adventist churches established in this part of Southern California. While we continue to partner with this denomination, we are in a posture of protest against the unjust actions taken by our General Conference that attempt to undermine the contextualized work of the Adventist churches and centers of education in the Western United States. We are in solidarity with the actions of our Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (www.puconline.org) that:

• Ordain both women and men as clergy

• Protect the right of Adventist centers of education to teach current science to its students while honoring God as Creator

• Stand with congregations that welcome and include our LGBTQ loved ones in their faith communities