COVID-19 and Glendale City Church, Closed Campus Until Further Notice

COVID-19 and Glendale City Church

A Letter from Your Pastoral Staff

Church Family,

Like most of you, we have been paying attention throughout the week to developments regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and the responses from all levels of government.  We’ve been in regular discussion on whether and how to move forward with our Saturday morning gatherings in light of the news.  Our core divine-given need for in-person spiritual community is now challenged by our basic human need to protect our individual and collective health.  Until Thursday evening, we were planning to open our doors to a reduced Sabbath morning schedule.  But tonight, the Southern California Conference, our Los Angeles-area denominational entity, informed us that, due to just-released Los Angeles County public health guidelines, we are required to close our campus to gatherings for the rest of March.  This means that if you come to our campus this Saturday morning, you will find our doors locked and a couple of our greeters and deacons explaining why our church gatherings are cancelled.

The good news is that you can still attend worship!  Thanks to our audio-visual team and the fiberoptic internet investment we made last year, we can livestream our worship services in all three languages.  Our pastors and worship leaders will prepare and lead our traditional worships each Saturday in March at 11:00 am.  Here’s how to view our online worships:

This Saturday we also have a Los Angeles Adventist Forum presentation by Loren Seibold.  You can view this live at 2:00p here:

Make sure you’re subscribed to our weekly e-newsletter, Facebook and Instagram pages, and have downloaded the “Glendale City Church” app from your app store.  We will be communicating with you multiple times each week through them.  You can still reach the church staff by calling 818-244-7241 and selecting the person you need to speak to.

We encourage you to pursue spiritual community in other ways in the weeks ahead.  Call your friends, check in on your neighbors and watch for opportunities to support those on the front lines of this crisis. And take advantage of the increased alone time to meet God in the silence.

Be well.  Keep the faith.  Carry on in the Spirit.

With Love,

Your Pastors—Todd, Mike, Leif and Johnny