Find groups and seminars that help you strengthen your spirituality, your health and your family.  Gatherings take place on Saturday’s from 9:30-10:30 am unless otherwise noted.


  • Bible Study.  October-December: “The Book of Revelation” Download English study guide here.
  • Grace Center Book Discussion. “Religious Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know — and Doesn’t” by Stephen Prothero. In the USA — probably the most religious Western country — half of its people can only name one of the four gospels, and most cannot name the first book of the Bible! Such ignorance creates human targets “too easily swayed by demagogues on the left or the right”. And the author maintains that, despite belief to the contrary, it was not secularists who enabled this illiteracy. “In one of the great ironies of American religious history,” Prothero writes, “it was the nation’s most fervent people of faith who steered us down the road to religious illiteracy. Just how that happened is one of the stories this book has to tell.” A fascinating and important book today, including a 100+ page dictionary of religious terms. Come and join the discussion!
  • The Living Project Support Group.  Interactive sharing where each person’s story becomes part of the bigger story that is being told through all of us.