Awakening to God as We Learn to Love

Our congregation has three different weekly worship gatherings designed to connect people to God, to each other and to great spiritual truths both old and new. Especially in our English gathering, we emphasize the ongoing work of God in the world. This focus invites us to challenge our personal belief systems; grows us in our capacity to show compassion and grace to others; and calls us to actively join God in the work of ending suffering, breaking down walls of division and working with our community to bring peace and healing to all people.

In the morning, worship takes place in three languages, Armenian, English, and Romanian, and lasts for about one hour and 15 minutes.

Throughout its history, our congregation has been recognized for its high-quality formal worship services. During these worship services, the congregations are led through the singing of traditional hymns accompanied by a magnificent organ, experiencing choral performances of classical musical works, reading the scriptures responsively, and listening to a 30-minute sermon.

While most people who attend are in business attire, you are welcome to attend no matter what you choose to wear.

For almost forty years, Glendale City Church has been one faith community that learns, grows and worships in three languages. In addition to the English morning worship in the sanctuary, you are invited to attend Armenian-language worship in the chapel or Romanian-language worship in Classroom 12.

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