Glendale City Church has its worships, adult Bible studies, and children’s and teen programs on Saturday. Why Saturday? We have chosen to meet together on this day in harmony with our Jewish ancestors and the early followers of Jesus. While we believe that faith continues to grow and evolve over time, the commitment to experience the historic Sabbath is one of the valued ancient practices that keeps us connected to our spiritual roots.

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Our congregation has four different weekly worship gatherings designed to connect people to God, to each other and to great spiritual truths both old and new. Especially in our two English gatherings, we emphasize the ongoing work of God in the world. This focus invites us to challenge our personal belief systems; grows us in our capacity to show compassion and grace to others; and calls us to actively join God in the work of ending suffering, breaking down walls of division and working with our community to bring peace and healing to all people.

Morning Worship – 10:33 am

In the morning, worship takes place in three languages, Armenian, English, and Romanian, and lasts for about one hour and 15 minutes.

Throughout its history, our congregation has been recognized for its high-quality formal worship services. During these worship services, the congregations are led through the singing of traditional hymns accompanied by a magnificent organ, experiencing choral performances of classical musical works, reading the scriptures responsively, and listening to a 30-minute sermon.

While most people who attend are in business attire, you are welcome to attend no matter what you choose to wear.

Afternoon Worship – 3:00 pm

Urban Liturgy invites people to explore spirituality in an informal gathering that meets in the round. We spend about an hour and a half together. In this setting, the priority is on relationship-building, interactive dialogue, and artistic creativity.

Urban Liturgy is developing a tradition of being non-traditional. Refreshments are served and evening events sometimes follow. People tend to dress casually, but any style is welcome.