As a church located geographically in the heart of Glendale, we are doing everything we can to be relationally at the heart of Glendale. In our ongoing quest to do just that, we have launched or partnered with a number of great organizations who are working to make life in our city better for all.

Glendale Communitas Initiative

logo-glendale-communitas-initiativeWe work with 15 other congregations from 12 different denominations to walk alongside families as they work their way out of poverty. Glendale City Church was instrumental in launching Communitas as an independent non-profit organization that can effectively bring diverse organizations together in service. To learn more about Communitas, visit and follow us on Facebook.

Caesura Youth Orchestra

logo-caesuraAs a church that has a long tradition of supporting the classical arts, we are proud to be a major financial sponsor and host venue for this new organization that provides musical training and ensemble performance experience to elementary school children who do not have access to music education due to neighborhood and financial limitations. Discover more about Caesura at and follow us on Facebook.

A+ Adventist Children’s Center

logo-aplus-adventist-children-centerFor 35 years, Glendale City Church has provided a quality preschool experience to thousands of kids through A+. Our devoted staff works hard to make sure your child is socially and academically ready to begin school. Visit to schedule a tour and meet our staff.

Glendale Adventist Academy

logo-glendale-adventist-academyFor over 100 years we have invested in a school that provides a well-rounded academic and extra-curricular educational experience for elementary and secondary students. Visit to learn more.

Adventist Peace Fellowship

logo-adventist-peace-fellowshipAs the first Adventist church to receive the designation of Adventist Peace Church, Glendale City commits itself to tearing down walls, building bridges and opening doors to new relationships with all people in order to create a less violent and more peaceful city and world. To learn more, visit

Churches Without Walls at Glendale Adventist Medical Center

logo-church-without-wallsOur congregation collaborates with one of our local hospitals and other local congregations to provide health seminars and events to our city.

Glendale Sunday Lunch Program


We take turns with a number of other Glendale congregations hosting 50-70 of our homeless neighbors for a delicious and healthy lunch each Sunday afternoon.

Glendale Religious Leaders Association

Our church staff belongs to this association of clergy that seeks to build relationships between religious groups in the greater Glendale community.