Pastoral Staff

Todd Leonard

Todd lives in Glendale with his wife, Robin, and three

Mike Kim

Mike Kim is the associate pastor working with families, children,

Leif Lind

Born in Uganda to Norwegian missionary parents, Leif grew up

Johnny Ramirez-Johnson

Johnny is a convert to Jesus Christ and the truth

Dorin Lataeanu

Pastor Dorin Lataeanu serves the Glendale Romanian Seventh-day Adventist Church

Rudy Torres

Rudy Torres is a retired Seventh-day Adventist pastor. His mission

Smuts van Rooyen

The details in my life that really matter are that

Ministry Staff

Victoria Lucero

Anji Arm

Anji is a native to Los Angeles and grew up

Lemar Sandiford

Lemar Patrick Sandiford- Born and raised in Loma Linda California

Clarissa Shan

Kemp Smeal

Kemp L. Smeal, is currently the organist and pianist in

Dave Ferguson

Dave is a retired pastor who was graduated from Union

Wayne Libby

Wayne is a Washington State native who moved to California

Dean Vendouris

Mindi Rüb

Mindi has been church records clerk since the early 1990’s